Chris Rock Led ‘Sprial: From the Book of Saw’ Pushes Franchise over $1 Billion in Global Sales

There’s nothing horrify about the numbers. In a rather pleasant move, Spiral: From the Book of Saw propelled the Franchise past $1 billion in global sales.

Directed by longtime Saw affiliate Darren Lynn Bousman, Variety reports that this 9th installment of Saw brings the franchise to a total number of $1,000,799,533 in worldwide ticket sales. It’s a significant accomplishment considering that Saw movies are executed with small-scale budgets between $1 million – $20 million.

Chris Rock, who stars in and executive produces the film, reignited the franchise after a chance meeting with the head of Lionsgate. Rock was the driving force behind the film developing the original idea and the story treatment. In an interview with Collider, Rock talks about how the project came into being.

“I was at a friend’s wedding, and they introduced me to the head of Lionsgate. I was like, ‘Lionsgate? Oh, Saw.’ And they called me up. I was just poking fun at the Lionsgate guy about Saw.

Chris Rock

In a conversation with Coming Soon, Bousman details the appreciated efforts that Rock put into the film.

“I think there were two times on set that he pulled me aside and said, ‘Hey, am I overstepping or can I give you a suggestion?’ Both times he did it, he improved the scene and scenario 100 fold and that was kind of awesome and then on top of that, he would back me on a lot of things. There would obviously be creative disagreements with the producers and myself and Chris, 95 percent of the time, would listen to my idea and be like, ‘No, that’s dope, what he’s talking about is cool.’ Chris and I bonded almost immediately and he was an awesome collaborator on the process.”

Darren Lynn Bousman

Sprial: From the Book of Saw is currently playing in theaters.